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Underwater Hotel Room with Magical Aquarium Views

Inlagt av Scuba World news tors, 08/18/2016 - 07:48
The Manta Underwater Room - Floating underwater hotel

Have you ever dreamt of a private "floating hotel"? How about a bedroom with underwater views? Or sleeping in an aquarium? If you haven't even thought about those things, that's probably the common situation. In any case now you have a chance to "sleep with the fishes" and do that in a safe and comfortable way!

The Manta Underwater Room floats on the Indian Ocean, 250 meters off the coast of Pemba Island. You might have heard of the better-known Zanzibar island which is located roughly to the South of Pemba. Both islands are part of the Zanzibar Archipelago and belong to Tanzania.

Floating hotel and surrounding reef - Aerial photo
Aerial view of the floating hotel and surrounding reef.

This unique hotel room is designed by Swedish Mikael Genberg and consists of three floors.

The bedroom is located downstairs, about four meters below the surface! There you can lay on the double bed and enjoy the nature's underwater show from the big windows which offer almost a 360 degrees clear view to the Indian Ocean.

Underwater bedroom under the surface of the Indian Ocean
Underwater bedroom with abundant marine life view.
Sleeping with fishes in underwater hotel room
Sleeping with the fishes (nothing to do with mafia phrase "Sleep with the fishes" from the Godfather movie). :)
Underwater hotel bedroom view by night
By night spotlights attract for example squids and other marine life.

The lounge area and bathroom facility are at the sea level, on the landing deck.

From the landing deck a ladder leads you up to the roof terrace. There's a big bed where you can relax and do for example some sun worshipping or stargazing. If the night sky is cloudless you can see millions of stars without any problems of the light pollution. Why not to fall asleep under the stars while listening the relaxing sound of ocean?

The Manta Underwater Room top deck
Rooftop lounging area for sunbathing and stargazing.
Snorkeling around the underwater hotel room
Snorkeling around the underwater hotel room.
Underwater bedroom views
Few fish gliding past the bedroom.
Sunset at the Indian Ocean
You can enjoy the Indian Ocean sunset from the roof terrace.
Floating hotel glowing in the Indian Ocean
Floating hotel glowing in the Indian Ocean. At night the roof top bed is a good place for stargazing.

You might speculate at the moment how much this fun would cost. You probably guessed that it won't be cheap. The building is designed for two persons and the price is 1200$-1500$ per night (all-inclusive). If you want to go there alone, night for one person is 720$-900$ depending on the date. If you crave for unique experiences, you can check the availability and exact prices from The Manta Resort web page.

Scuba World got excited and investigated the exact location of this floating hotel. You can zoom the place and surroundings for example from Google Maps from coordinates 4°53'14.3"S 39°40'34.1"E.

The Manta Underwater Room floating hotel - Google Maps
Satellite view of The Manta Underwater Room and its surroundings from Google Maps.

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Photo copyright: Genberg Art UW Ltd, photography credits: Jesper Anhede