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Scuba Diving Halloween Costumes

Submitted by Scuba World news on Thu, 08/18/2016 - 17:45
Scuba diving halloween costumes for divers

It's Halloween just around the corner but you don't have a costume yet? Or have you got an invitation to a party which has a scuba diving or ocean theme? If you are a diver or ocean lover - no worries - ScubaWorld is here to help you! Here's some ideas to tell everyone what's your favorite hobby! It doesn't make difference if you are going to the party with your spouse, kid, baby, cat, dog or horse because there's something for everyone :) Here's some Halloween costumes for scuba divers.

Scuba diving costumes for babies

Octopus costume for babies.
Scuba Baby
That costume looks very comfy.
Halloween babies
Different ocean themed costumes found from Amazon.

Scuba diving costumes for children

Little diver and Nemo
Little Jacques Cousteau and Nemo.
Little scuba diver girl
How cute!
Pufferfish costume
Puff, puff said pufferfish! Want to hug me?
Shark cage diving costume
This is a very innovative idea, thumbs up!

Scuba diving costumes for your pets

Scuba diving cat
Cats, internet and scuba diving - what could be better? A scuba diving cat in a Halloween party of course :D
Hammerhead shark dog
Beware of the hammerhead shark dog. Hang out with me at your own risk!
Mermaid puppy
Mermaid puppy. Not a very scary halloween costume but such adorable, right?
Scuba diving horse
Have you met these during your dives? Is it a sea horse?
Scuba diving dog
Man's best friend, ready to follow you everywhere ;)

Scuba diving costumes for men

Anemone and clown fish
With this costume you will definitely get the deserved attention!
Eaten by a shark
Fake blood would be a nice Halloween addition to this costume. Going to the toilet with this one might not be an easy task :P

Scuba diving costumes for woman

DIY Kim Kardashian mermaid costume
Do it yourself Kim Kardashian mermaid costume. This won't be an easy task.
Sexy diver
What about this costume combined with the "high heel fins" (below)?
High heel fins
These fins have style! No need to take of fins after dive when going to a fine restaurant.
Pirate and mermaid
Was the invitation personal or could I come with my...?
Stomach aquarium
This is another very innovative idea. One could bet this is a unique costume in a party. 

Scuba diving costumes for whole family

Scuba diver family
Jellyfish mommy, shark daddy, diver son and mermaid daughter. What a dream team!

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