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Learning to dive in Malta - Discover Scuba diving

Submitted by Saana on Wed, 09/07/2016 - 00:46
Going through equipment before diving - Discover scuba theory

I had never been especially interested in scuba diving, because I didn't know about that so much. That's why I had no idea what to wait when I got my first diving, discover scuba.

The lesson started with going through basic knowledge of scuba diving; the effect of water, equipment and exercises. In principle everything seemed so clear and easy and soon I noticed that I was ready to jump into the pool to try those exercises in practice.
It was quite easy to learn to breath even it was exciting to do it first time underwater.

Wet suits on and ready to dive
Wet suits on and ready to go - ready, steady, go!
The first exercises in the pool
The first exercises in the pool.

Suddenly I felt like that I'm not able to do that and got a little panic. Underwater everything felt so uncontrollable and it felt like my limbs were about to start flying. I have suffered a little bit from claustrophobia but I knew that I was able to dive. When I had got myself calm down we tried exercises personally with the teacher and I got more confidence to dive.

No sooner said than done, it was time to jump into the sea. When going deeper I got problems with equalizing which wasn't under water as easy as on the ground. First it felt that my ears were about to explode but little by little I got the point and I was able to go down to the bottom (10 meter) and to do the exercises there. The feeling was so fantastic when after every problems I got really feel how it feels to dive!

Ready to jump into the sea
Ready to the first real diving.
Finally underwater!
Finally on the bottom of the sea!
Flying underwater
I believe I can fly.

Soon it was time to go to back to the surface and end the discover scuba. My first time at scuba diving was very interesting and exciting and now I'm looking forward to dive more! Before I couldn't even think how fascinating the diving can be.

Our fisrt diving on the video:

Cameraman: Toni Saloranta. Video editing: Saana Yrjönen.