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New scuba diving website have been born!

Submitted by JollyDiver on Tue, 09/06/2016 - 23:43
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Global scuba diving community got a new friend! site's goal is to offer exciting and useful content for divers and people interested in diving. The planned content will consist of videos, photos, diving related news and possibility to keep online scuba log book, find dive buddies, new dive sites etc. We launch the website modestly with couple content pages and few news items, but the site will be growing day by day. Referring to our site's name the target audience will be whole world! At the moment we are providing content with three different languages: English, Spanish and Finnish. In future Scuba World would like to unite even more divers globally and therefore we are planning to add some more languages when the time is right.

In a matter of fact was released already over one month ago but we didn't want to make a big number of it then. Now when we've got some new content to the site for example this blog section, it starts to feel the right time to tell about us :) After the launch a lot of things have happened behind the scenes. We have gone nerdy with the code, artistic with extra material (more information about this later on) and we have been looking for good content writers and translators. This haven't been easy and we had to turn down few writers because they didn't meet the site quality standards. We want to provide unique, interesting and rich content for our readers and therefore don't accept content which have been copied straight from other diving websites. If you like to write articles and news when you are not diving, please tell us more about yourself by filling our contact form :)

Welcome and thanks for your interest in our website! We hope you'll enjoy here and find some interesting content. You are also more than welcome to come back later on to check out what new we have invented for you.

Have amazing dives!

...or if you are so far only thinking about to become certified diver, check How to start scuba diving.

JollyDiver - Scuba World

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