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Los Angeles, here we come!

Submitted by JollyDiver on Wed, 09/07/2016 - 00:33
Malta airport

I decided to leave Malta's clear waters for a moment and head to Los Angeles. At the moment I'm sitting in American Airlines airplane somewhere above Canada. Plane trip goes comfortably watching movies, listening music and writing blog. The purpose of this trip is to find out what California has to offer for divers, visit some aquarium(s) and participate to Drupalcon Los Angeles IT conference. The conference is about Drupal Content Management System (or framework) which have been used also to develop this website. Drupal 8 (still in beta phase) version was chosen as a technique because it offers a perfect platform for building a modern, multilingual and community driven website. We have a plan to make a versatile Drupal 8 show case from this site and show all the cool things that can be accomplished with using this king of CMS 8-)

Usually there's a lot of swag in IT conferences (at least in Drupalcons) which are branded by company logo etc. Popular items include stickers which many attendees are attaching to their laptops. Scuba World wanted to do it's own effort to spice up the conference and participate to this common habit by designing an own sticker. Of course at the same time we are promoting our new site :) Stickers are given away during the conference and I hope that everyone who is collecting awesome stickers will get this one too. Using the site feedback form you can say hello to us and make sure that one sticker is saved for you. The theme of the sticker is scuba diving, Drupal, Drupal 8 and Drupalcon Los Angeles 2015.

Diving stickers on 20th floor
Scuba World stickers IRL (in real life) on the 20th floor at conference hotel: The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, Los Angeles.

After the conference my plan is to rent a car for one week and drive all the way to San Francisco and back. I have heard a lot of good from Pacific Highway and want to check that route. During the road trip I'm going to get familiar with diving in California. It would be a nice experience to plunge into Pacific Ocean and check local flora and fauna. I heard there might be elephant seals also along the coast. Before the trip I made some research about the aquariums in California. Two of those: Monterey Bay Aquarium and Steinhart Aquarium got good reviews and are conveniently along the trip. Aquariums are great places to get more information about the surrounding ocean, it's inhabitants and ecosystem. For example kelp forests are common underwater scenery at this area. Let's hope that we are able to write an information package about the aquarium(s).

I hope we get a chance to meet and talk about diving and Drupal during this trip!


With dive and nerd greetings,
Jolly Diver