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About ScubaWorld

Hello fellow diver or "soon to be an explorer"! You have found your way to the right place, welcome!

The reason of existence

The purpose of ScubaWorld team is to offer interesting and useful content for divers and people interested about diving - all over the world. We are aiming to translate the site to as many languages as possible to reach divers in every corners of the world and let them enjoy about our content without any language barriers. At first the content will be in English, Spanish and Finnish.

The entertainment section will consist of videos, images, blogs and news. For inquisitive persons we are planning to offer scuba diving articles, dive site information packages and common information about our seas, lakes, fauna, flora etc. Our aim is also to make it easy for you to find new exciting dive sites and help you to arrange unforgettable diving trips around the world.

Online dive logbook will be also one of the site's core functionality in future. You don't have to worry about losing your logbook anymore when you have saved the memories of important dives online. During a scuba holiday it's convenient to check from online your last diving date, count of all dives, the amount of weights used in previous dives etc. No worries even though you forgot the logbook when packing your suitcase.

Do you want to be a diver?

If you have been dreaming to become a real diver, our aim is to support and help you to get started with this exciting hobby. We will tell all the essential information about diving for example what different organizations arrange scuba diving courses, where scuba courses are arranged and do you have to prepare somehow for the course. More information how to become a certified diver can be found from the section: Start scuba diving.

History of the site website was published in the end of March in 2015. Since then we have been working hard to develop the site and to create valuable content for divers and others interested about diving. When we went live the site had two language versions: English and Finnish. In the end of April the site was also translated into Spanish to offer the exciting world of scuba diving additionally for over 400 million people from multiple countries with their native language.


Our mission is to become your number one diving buddy, providing you all the needed things related to diving. Of course we understand that it's a very long journey to go to achieve this honor and that's why we are working hard to earn that title. At the moment ScubaWorld have taken its first small steps and begun this adventurous trip. I hope you will enjoy with us and we will become good companions along the way.

For future diver: Congratulations for deciding to start this exciting hobby! We bet you will love the underwater world, find a small explorer in you and get a bunch of new friends!

For current diver: We hope to be part of your trip when you are growing as a diver and developing your skills, providing you the information to achieve safe and unforgettable dives!


Kind Regards,
ScubaWorld team